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I tend to like big handbags, so personally, I think the pm is too small. I was trying to decide between the trevi pm and the tivoli pm or mm- I thought the tivoli pm was tiny and I didn't love the way the huge zipper looked on a smaller size. It's still a cute bag though, so if you love it and have found a good deal, and don't mind a small bag, go for it! If you like smaller bags, I think the size is good for your height. louis vuitton handbags

I wonder if the new Lumineuse in Violet has addressed the problem?? This would be a lovely option for you, or the Violet Artsy looks gorgy on the website!! louis vuitton handbags


mm, love the size and I have two children aged 2 and 6 and yes the 2 year old still wears pullups so I need to have a change of stuff with me! louis vuitton outlet


Big congrats, I have it in noir. It's a beauty. louis vuitton purse

,Alma? Trevi? louis vuitton wallet,align="center"Well , I have a Damier Ebene NF in MM I used it everyday. I'm a uni student so you can guess what stuff i might put in it ! Laptop , iPad , books , drinks , etc.But I stopped using it because once I was walking with it , and there was this person with a cardboard razor and she kinda cut my handle , not cut it open but literally stabbed it so louis vuitton bags,Nice! lv bag,

Hi guys...I was planning on going to LV tomorrow to purchase a sarah wallet. I am caught between the white multicolor with the pink inside & the black multicolor with the hot pink inside. Please give me you opinion on which one would be the best louis vuitton outlet